Monday, October 26, 2009

Keiko Raca

Elyse's Keiko Raca

I love my Keiko Raca Gi. It is a "limited series" double weave gi in size A1. Don't be fooled by the "double weave" title. It's actually very light, breathable, and the fabric flows, meaning, it's not stiff as a board, even after you wash it. This is my IBJJF competition gi.

The jacket flaps are cut nice and long, like the Koral so that they wrap around completely, but unlike the Koral, my Keiko is also nicely fitted on top. The sleeves are more narrow, and the fabric is softer. The only downside here is that the collar is not as stiff so it's more difficult to defend chokes.

A word of warning here, many people find that Keiko Raca pants run very small -- this is TRUE. They are SKINNY! But if you can get over looking like somewhat of a hipster, than it's worth it because skinny pants mean that it's harder for your opponent to grab at your ankles and knees! Skinny pants are great for women. Here you can see me and my super skinny pants (A1) with my friend Bethany McKee at the 2007 Mundials.

Still, the A1 pants are even too tight for me. Although they stretch slightly, they don't have the same airy freedom as my Korals. [Edit: after another year of use, the Keiko A1 pants are now stretched enough that they fit me wonderfully after one use (wash-use-compete).] I was lucky enough, however, that a very good friend of mine, Michael Harmon, had an extra pair of Keiko A2 pants (which were much too small for him). They have plenty of room in the crotch for movement, but are still narrow around the knees and ankles. Compared to the women's-specific pants of the CatFight Gear gi, however, they are too baggy and somewhat restrict movement. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the pants separately, but I think if you email the manufacturer, they will likely be accommodating.

Pros: Super light and soft, jacket flaps close hip-to-hip, love the black trim, looks great with my BJJU patch on the back, IBJJF regulation compatible
Cons: Pants maybe too skinny (chose size up), collar not as stiff
Overall Fit: great
Color: white, blue, black, red, dark blue
Patches: minimal, classy
Stitching: excellent
Fabric: soft
Pants: skinny, did not shrink length-wise (not too short); Drawstring: rope style, holding up well so-far
Jacket: good fit, sharp-angled lapels, tends to come undone easier than my others which can get a bit annoying

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