Monday, October 26, 2009


Elyse's Koral

I bought my Koral right after getting home from Switzerland. I realized I would need more than one gi if I wanted it to be clean for practice everyday (no longer with the ridiculously unhygienic habit of not washing it). This is when I did most of my research on gis and in the end decided to go for two -- one Koral, one Keiko.

My Koral is size A1, classic weave.
The jacket shrunk slightly, and the pants shrunk alot. The pants fit extremely well now with plenty of room for movement, but still fairly close fitting. They've faded, but are still pretty rough fabric. I love the Koral string -- very easy to pull and stays tied pretty well. The collar of the Koral is really stiff and hard to grab, also good for defending chokes. Still, the Koral is very large across the shoulders and back. The jacket is thus pretty baggy and doesn't stay on very well despite the jacket flaps closing all the way across. When you let the Koral air dry, it becomes extremely stiff and rough; however, if you put it in the dryer, it comes out nice and soft.

Shipping from Koral was pretty fast! Score!

Pros: decently sized after shrinking, nice color, patches, light weight, stiff collar
Cons: rough, still too baggy, pants fading

Overall Fit: pretty good, baggy in the chest/shoulder area
Color: white, blue, black, dark blue, dark green, red, etc.
Patches: pay more for more patches, classic Brazil competition style
Stitching: excellent
Fabric: soft, took about 1.5 years to break in
Pants: short fit, shrunk length-wise; Drawstring: fabric style (as opposed to rope), slightly difficult to pull after washing, easily straightened to fix
Jacket: mediocre fit, too baggy in shoulders/chest, long lapels close entirely hip-to-hip

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