Monday, October 26, 2009


Gameness Gi

A while ago I purchased a Gameness gi from my school as a backup. One to keep in the car for when my others were dirty. I ended up wearing it as much as my Keiko and Koral because it was high-time for my Kwon to be retired.

The Gameness top material is pretty soft, and the collar is very heavy-duty, making it difficult to grab. The pants are somewhat stiffer than my other pants, with a smoother finish. They don't move quite as nicely, and the crotch hangs way too low, making them difficult sometimes. However, they are all-around too big, so I don't get tangled up too much.

The Gameness shrunk alot when I put it in the dryer. The unfortunate part about shrinkage is it always affects length, not width. The result was that the pants are just barely the right length but too wide, still. The top is also still baggy but the sleeves are now much shorter.

Here's a picture of me in my Gameness top and my Keiko A2 pants:

As you can see, the pants (Keiko) fit well, and the top (Gameness) is a little bulged around the middle.

One last reason why I don't really like Gameness: I found out recently that "gameness" is the term used by dog fighters to say that their dog is ready and prepped for fighting. Dog fighting is NOT cool. I took the front patch off my gi right after this picture was taken.
Overall Fit: yuck
Color: white, black, blue, forest green
Patches: modest, "Gameness"
Stitching: so far, so good
Fabric: moderately rough
Pants: ok fit, fairly baggy in the butt; Drawstring: fabric style (as opposed to rope), slightly difficult to pull after washing, easily straightened to fix
Jacket: big, shallow lapels, stiff collar

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  1. i will repost this on your new website. gameness is not dogfighting. dog fighting is dog fighting. gameness is the drive, the will, the heart. dogs are gameness to do agility and please their owners. Its just that pitbulls have some of the greatest devoteness to its owners that it will do anything, even the bad things to please its owner. Its the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight. Its a popular brand for jits cos its the same concept for fighters. When all things are equal heart will come out on top. As Dan Gable once said (not a direct quote), [about wrestling] the first period is technique, the second period is conditioning and the third period is heart. I might have it backwards but you get the point.