Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Anonymous said...
I really like your entry... I too have had issues finding a gi as a 5'4" woman, so it's good to get feedback on various gi makers from a woman's point of view. Here's my two cents on the kinds I own:

I have an Adidas women's judo gi that I really like, but it has the typical judo shorter pants and sleeves, the only draw back, other than the fact that the black and white stripes on the shoulders of the kimono tend to wear down more quickly than the rest of the garment.

I also have a Gameness Pearl men's gi in size A1 (they don't make women's) and although I LOVE the construction, specially the round waist ties on the pants, they do NOT work well for women because the pants don't have enough rise in the back (in other words they come up WAY too short and look like you are trying the low-rider jeans look in a gi!). I have to use a pair of gi pants of my husband's that shrank to much for him with the kimono and the pants sit useless in my closet. The kimono is ALMOST too big, so going up a size to get bigger pants isn't an option either. They don't do mix and match sizing. I will note that every guy I know with a Gameness Pearl LOVES the gi, but they don't fit any woman I know because of the pants.

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