Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comments form Fightergirl.com

Here are some comments I received on the fightergirl.com forums! I hope they help :).


judoka (Hamilton, Ontario) on Fri Apr 18, 2008 writes: Toraki. They have amazing gi's lots of different options as far as quality. and there customer services is awesome.


Pankration_MuayThai (Vancouver, BC) on Fri Apr 18, 2008 writes:
I have the atama pink gi, and the atama white & pink gi and love both of them.


irishspirit (Washington D.C.) on Sun Apr 20, 2008 writes:
I have a men's Atama (free with the sign up from my first day), a Gameness, a women's blue Atama, the White/Pink War gi, a Vulkan, and a Lucky gi.

The Lucky Gi is by FAR my favorite! I love the way it fits, the knee pads are nice and I think it looks sweet! (the pants shrink up a little high though, since I'm super short mine are still okay, but just be aware of it)

The women's Atamas shrink a little strange (even if you're careful) and I saw a few people not allowed to fight at Mundials and Pan Ams in that gi last year because it was too small in some places, but depends on your body style I guess.

My war gi pants never stay tied (the string is really thick, same with the Gameness). But it's nice because the collar is really stiff which makes it a little more difficult for your opponent to secure a grip.

The Vulkan summer weave is nice because it's super light (I bought it to make sure I'd make weight at Pan Ams). I feel like I'm weightless when I wear it to train, lol! Downside is it's super easy to grip.

I think the new OTM Medieval gis are really awesome (that's my next purchase) and they are supposed to be light like a Koral - which are almost as light as a Vulkan summer weave.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Everyone for your responses!

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