Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moodi Blues said...

Moodi Blues said...
Figured I would leave my two cents.

I got the Atama women's gi in white a few years ago, and the A2 fits me pretty well (110 lb. and 5"4'), except that it's short in the pants and the sleeves. It's the only one I have, so I can't really compare it to anything (I started off in a $30 judo gi, before I was positive I would stick with BJJ). Now that I'm training again after a 3-year break, I'm thinking of getting another one. Any suggestions?
September 13, 2009 12:33 AM

Elyse said...
Dear Aparna -
If you like the fit of your Atama jacket, then I would suggest mixing and matching it with a pair of Keiko Raca pants, which run very skinny. My A1 Keiko pants sound like they would fit you perfectly (they're too tight on my 130 lbs body, but they're the right length for my 5'4").

 Moodi Blues said...
Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for other gis that fit well on top? I do like my atama, but I sometimes feel like a dope with my forearms hanging out the sleeves.

P.S. I know this is random, but if the Mike Harmon you're talking about is from Boston, then I know him...I used to train with him at NYU!
September 13, 2009 10:32 AM

Elyse said...
Catfight Gear kimonos fit girly like the Atama ones, but the sleeves don't shrink in length ;) Try that.

Also, yes, Mike's from Boston and he taught the NYU club.... you're the fourth person this month that's made the connection.
September 13, 2009 11:17 AM

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