Sunday, October 25, 2009

Atama #1 by Aparna Modi

Label: Atama
Model: Women's #1
Size: F2
Color: White
For reference, I'm 110 lb. and 5'4".
The only gi I had trained in prior to buying this one was a $30 judo gi, and at the time (about four years ago) this was the only women's gi that I knew was available, and was not just a pink version of a men's gi.

The initial fit wasn't so bad; however, a single wash in cold water and air drying, the sleeve length and the pant length shrunk. The sleeve shrinkage wasn't too bad, but at this point, the pants are way too short, and too wide for the length. For my height, I have slightly longer legs (really, my torso is just super short), so that might contribute to the short-pants. The sleeve shortness isn't awful, and the jacket otherwise fits really well. The material is pretty strong-- it's been trained in for about a year or two, and its the only one I trained in, and nothing has torn/come apart. The only other complaint I would have about the jacket is the back seam --shrimping and general movement on your back can be a little painful with the thick seam rubbing along your spine.

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