Sunday, March 8, 2009

Koral gi: how they fit a woman

Koral gi are some of my favourite. A couple of folks, men and women, have asked my opinion on how Koral wear and hold-up. I have found my Koral to be hard-wearing and comfortable, and I would pass on a few tips regarding how the different lines (Classic versus MKM) fit and how to reinvigorate a worn gi.

Koral features
I have four Koral gi: two blue Classic (A1); a red MKM (A1); and a white MKM (A0). The Classic gi are tough and good for everyday training, however, as they have a slightly heavier weave than the MKM they can be difficult to dry. I prefer the slightly lighter weave of the MKM series, and while the gi top's fabric is slightly lighter than for the Classic, the collar is equivalently robust. The MKM's weave is a bit softer and more pleasant to wear and it dries much more quickly.

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