Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Break Point FC Women's Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

Break Point Women's Lightweight Gi in Black
The Break Point women's gi in black is accented with pink and a touch of grey and reflects the more 'bling' styling of the men's 'Deluxe' uniform. The inside of the jacket is printed with a pink repeat pattern of the Break Point logo; I love this sort of finishing touch which I first encountered on the OTM Supastar. The Break Point embroidered logo patches are placed on the jacket front, top middle of the jacket back and the bottom of the right trouser leg. The logo, itself, has a fun feminine flourish and curl to the font as well as integration of a 'star' which is used elsewhere on the gi. The embroidered patches are implemented with a high level of detail and include some contrasting textures and subtle outlining of the logo elements with pink and charcoal thread. I wish the sophistication of the embroidered patches had been carried through to the star patches on the shoulders and upper thigh of the left trouser leg. These patches are polyester and, to me, they aren't in keeping with the tone set by the embroidered designs and have the effect of 'cheapening' the overall look[...]

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