Monday, July 5, 2010

Fenom and Catfight

This message comes from Korean jiu jitsu player Julia:

Hello from Korea! I joined BJJ a month ago and have jumped in with both feet first. I have decided to get a women's gi and so I looked at both Catfight and Fenom. I sent both of them emails. Fenom I emailed with my measurements to find out if the A3 size would fit (I weight 205 but their sizing says it fits up to 190) and they emailed me back within 2 days. Catfight, however, still has yet to email me back. I'm fairly disappointed with their website, as their only selling points seem to be "look at our cool colors and embroidery." This irritates me because they don't list ANY information about their gis. Their claim is:

* Gear that fits
* Gear that lasts
* Gear that works

And yet, no specific information. This is incredibly frustrating because as someone who tries to be a wise consumer I want more than just color choices.

So I'm choosing Fenom--they list specific information about their products, including weave, reinforcement, etc. AND they emailed me back.

As someone who is short and fat :) I'll be happy to send a review along of my new Fenom gi once it arrives.


Thanks for your message, Julia! I look forward to hearing the results of your purchase.


  1. Julia-- I have had the same experience with Catfight... slow to respond for sure! One girl at my school has a Catfight gi but she really doesn't like it. She's very slim and still feels like the fit is uncomfortable. I never see her wearing her Catfight gi. I have a Fenom classic (wore mine today in fact) and plenty of "junk in the trunk" which it accomodates nicely. Hope you like yours.. post here when you get it!

  2. Julia, Fenom's customer service is out of this world and I'm enjoying my Classic and Lotus gi. Yay for you getting on the mats!

  3. I was in the same boat, trying to decide between Fenom, and Catfight and went with the Fenom.

    I couldn't be happier with my decision. I love my Fenom gi!

  4. I have a Catfight gi. I love the cut of it, but it could have been manufactured better. A few of the patches had to be resewn on and one of the belt loops has come off. I've been using it for over a year and these are the only issues I've had with it. It also has a awkwardly placed belt loop in the center of the pants... I've had issues getting a hold of Catfight. They don't like to respond to any emails... I haven't tried Fenom yet so i can't compare the gis. Hopefully they are a better company.