Wednesday, April 29, 2009

leslie said...

leslie said...
Hey Elyse,

I'm 5'2", ~125 lbs. I have a Koral A0 (MKM Competition blue) and an Atama F2 (white). Both of these gis fit me fabulously. I'm not swimming in fabric, especially width-wise, as you mentioned.

I haven't figured out what exactly it is, yet -- maybe the "women's specific" styling -- but I adore the Atama.

The Koral saw a teensy bit of the dryer when I first got it so that it would be dry for class. Both gis get washed cold and line dryed now.

I did notice on the sizing charts for both Koral and Atama that I have a better fit from the height chart than from the weight chart. (In the weight charts for both, I'd be up a size, which would be too big.) I don't know if anyone else has noticed any such trend when sizing gis to buy, but I know that was one thing that frustrates when I'm looking for gis.

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