Thursday, August 27, 2009

Georgette said...

Georgette said...
Some new thoughts:

1. Tailoring! Two guys at my school are short but stocky and they swear it's the way to go, though you will end up paying about $50 (in our area, central Texas) to have the gi top taken in around the waist, sleeves shortened, and pants shortened.

2. For me (5'2" and now walking around at about 135, grr) I'm loving the Lucky gi (Lovato signature version) top in an A1, but the pants are a little tight in the booty.

3. My GTMA pink and purple gis have stretched a bit and now fit perfectly. Also, got a green Hsu gi from and a 3 (different sizing) fits perfectly too...

4. I have a Kyra Gracie magenta thing in F2; it's barely legal by IBJJF sizing standards (though not in color) so it's great for competition... extremely hard to get a grip on pants or sleeves, and nice slim fit to the top. My Atama female-fit F3 in white also fits well but is a touch looser while not being baggy in any way.
August 27, 2009 2:07 PM

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