Sunday, October 25, 2009

Atama Summer Weight by Georgette Oden

Note: For Georgette's original post, please visit her amazing blog HERE.
FYI, I'm obviously female -- 5'2" 125ish lbs, 34-27-36.
Atama summer weight: bought for about $80 at too. I have an A1 and it's just 3 lbs.

I loved this gi during the summer; I was training at a school without A/C and it regularly reached 100-110 degrees inside, and even with industrial fans on, the humidity made it feel more like 120. This is very comfortable in the hottest weather, but I suspect people who grip fight with really strong opponents would be unhappy. It is made with the same sort of fabric a normal karate gi uses, maybe a bit thicker, but definitely not the thickness of a BJJ gi. However, the collar is just as thick and stiff, so it would be harder to grasp in competition. The pants fit fine; the drawstring is also self-fabric, but is narrower so it adjusts more easily. Unlike the other two, though, these pants feel better when tied at your actual waist instead of a little below it, because they have a longer rise. The downside to this gi is the sleeve length (I used to roll them up about 2-3"). I tried to shrink it more without success.

Grade: A for the heat of summer; B to B- for the rest of the year.

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